Lexus Hybrid Art mostra coletiva em Moscou, Lucas Simões, curadoria Bernardo Mosqueira

Lexus Hybrid Art mostra coletiva em Moscou, Lucas Simões, curadoria Bernardo Mosqueira
Zwei Arts



For me, presence, doubt and surprise are the substance of the spirit of this exhibition. I want the public to leave the exhibition energized, feeling a lot of love and power inside and that the best and most transformative decisions can be made in this very moment. I want this show to be an experience of surprise, wonder, doubt, tension, reflection, excitement, pleasure and relaxation.

Bernardo Mosqueira was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1988, where he currently lives and works. He was the curator responsible for more than 55 exhibitions in Rio and São Paulo galleries. Bernardo is the director of the Award «Prêmio FOCO Bradesco ArtRio» since 2012 and one of the curators of IBEU Art Gallery since 2010. Currently, he teaches at the Parque Lage Visual Arts School.

The difference between the view of a city, fields and forests from a car window — and the city itself as well as the fields and the forests themselves — is enormous, sometimes irreconcilable. Such is the difference between the Russian expression «там хорошо, где нас нет» (literally: things are good where we aren’t) and the English one «The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence».

The exploration of that difference — as well as the question of who we feel ourselves to be and who we actually are — is the subject of the sixth Lexus Hybrid Art.

And that’s very true. We get into a fitting room and look at the mirror — and there is nothing but eternity behind that mirror. Or — we hear the music behind the door, and once we open it, the weird silence embraces us. Needless to say about the length of an extended hand that separates us from the scary void — or from someone surprisingly shaking it. The artists only talk about any of the casual feelings (and especially of the events which create them) that could be easily taken as a work of art — our daily life is filled with them. Lexus Hybrid Art not only helps us to define the difference but also to identify the presence of art in our own life. In 2015 this exhibition settled at the Rossiya Theatre — the place out of time, the cinema with no cinema in it, the temporary (thanks to LHA) museum of contemporary art. In 2015 this exhibition will discover several top state secrets to its loyal visitor — first of all, the secret of a sacred saying that explains the car mirror principle: «Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.»

To say the truth, this exhibition is dedicated to that real distance that separates us from the objects — both already reflected and yet to be reflected — and the emotional meaning of them.


Enclosed Dimension, 2015

Born in Catanduva, Brazil, in 1980, Lucas Simões is based in São Paulo, with a background in architecture and arts. His experience as a trainee-architect rede ned his perception of art and opened new paths of discovery. Thus, he uses many material in his works, considering each new piece of research as an opportunity to explore materials and spaces. In all his odd experiments, using many layers and creating distortions, his intention is to intervene in objects or images that carry meanings, and then create a new representation that oscillates between beauty and strangeness, movement and depth, since «there is a certain perversion in changing the meaning of things». He says, «The strange fascinates me, and to make it beautiful is even more interesting.»The Hybrid Art space has 17 different levels, distorting the original space. At the entrance of the lower level, the walls are 207 cm high, and as the visitor moves through the labyrinth he starts to rise against the height of the walls, until he gets to see the upper spatial view of the room, where the walls are only 90cm high. The effects of light and color provide a cinematic experience.