Emmathomas is a contemporary art gallery, located in the cultural district of São Paulo, which comprises Instituto Moreira Salles, Museu de Arte de São Paulo, Japan House and art galleries spread across the neighborhood. Artists and collectors Marcos Amaro and Ksenia Amaro have run the gallery since August 2017. Emmathomas supports its artists and introduces them to collectors, major institutions and art fairs in Brazil and abroad.

The gallery’s headquarters has an architectural project focused on accessibility. It interacts with the urban space and its open doors invite the public to experience and discuss art through cultural and educational activities. Emmathomas is located on Alameda Franca, between the bustling Augusta Street and Padre João Manoel Street. It arose from the artistic sensibility of a visual artist and a piano player. Their ambition is to spread the diversity of Brazilian art, capturing the essence of artists who live in other parts of Brazil and abroad.