São Paulo, 1986
Lives and works in São Paulo


MUNDANO is a 32 year old artivist born in the city of São Paulo and recognized internationally for his graffiti “papo reto” which means “straight to the point”, whether in public space or in more than 320 carts of collectors of recyclable materials. The graffiti artist and activist seeks to question concepts and behaviors of citizens and authorities through interventions that carry mostly impact phrases inspired by the local context. The preservation of the environment and universal human rights are the basis of his activism that transcends the inks.

Mundano is part of the NGO Ashoka, TED Fellow, founder of the NGO Pimp My Carroça and awarded in the area of public art, human rights, creativity and digital innovation. The tireless artist has already defined his life mission: to create an environmental and social legacy with his art. In order to fulfill this challenge, in the last 10 years he has given interventions, exhibitions and lectures by more than 40 cities in Brazil and in the world.